sccca logo  The Midlands Housing Trust Fund is actively involved in efforts to advance more comprehensive local and statewide affordable housing policies. These systematic concerns include advocating for issues such as inclusionary zoning, design flexibility, expedited permitting, and other potential policy and legislative shifts to facilitate affordable housing development. The Trust is also a member organization in the South Carolina Community Capital Alliance. The Alliance is a statewide network of community development organizations working to attract larger capital investment in the state of South Carolina for affordable housing finance, microenterprise lending, and healthy food financing, with a goal of creating a more holistic approach to community economic development in some of the state’s poorest communities. The Trust’s executive director, Brian Huskey, was elected to the Alliance’s Board of Directors in July 2014.
scacdc The Midlands Housing Trust Fund is also a member of the South Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations and collaborates with Association leadership on affordable housing and community economic development initiatives.


The Midlands Housing Trust Fund supports inclusionary zoning. See our recommendations here.