MHTF receives 3-year $15,000 grant and a $500,000 low-interest loan from WoodForest Bank for affordable housing financing in S.C.

Pictured left is Executive Director, Brian Huskey, accepting a $15,000 check from Kathleen Abraham of WoodForest National Bank.


MHTF Helps Finance Multi-Million Dollar Affordable Housing Project

The Midlands Housing Trust Fund helped finance Phase I of Shakespeare Crossing, a new multi-million dollar 24-unit multi family rental townhome project being developed by Community Assistance Provider (CAP) in Richland County. This project is the result of collaboration between MHTF, CAP, Wells Fargo Bank, South Carolina State Housing Finance Development Authority, and Richland County

Pictured left is Executive Director, Brian Huskey, participating in the ground breaking ceremony at Shakespeare Crossing in Columbia, S.C..


MHTF Announces Receipt of Renewal Funding!

The Midlands Housing Trust Fund is pleased to announce receipt of renewal funding from several sources:

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation ($75,000 renewal grant)

Richland County ($100,000 renewal grant)

Bank of America ($10,000 renewal grant)

Thank you to ALL our financial supporters!

Pictured left is Brian Huskey, Executive Director for the Midlands Housing Trust Fund and Stephanie Blanton, Vice President and S.C. Market Manager for Bank of America Enterprise Business and Community Engagement.

MHTF Announces Newest Members of the Board of Directors

The Midlands Housing Trust Fund is proud to have three new members join our Board of Directors:
     Ellis Bleakley is the Vice President for Fair Lending at South State Bank based in Columbia, SC. Rhonda Hughey is the Senior Vice President Loan Officer for Arthur State Bank in Columbia, SC. Amanda Koehler is the Chief Financial Officer at the law firm of the Turner Padgett Law Firm in Columbia, SC. We welcome each of them to our board and look forward to their service over the course of their three-year terms.

MHTF Receives New Funding

The Midlands Housing Trust Fund is pleased to announce receipt of funding from several sources:

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation ($75,000 renewal grant)

Richland County ($80,000 renewal grant)

Seton Enablement Fund of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati ($150,000 low-interest loan)

Adrian Dominican Sisters ($150,000 low-interest loan)

United Way of the Midlands ($60,000 renewal grant)

Thank you to ALL our financial supporters!



Tax Advantages for Supporting the Midlands Housing Trust Fund

Did you know that your personal and corporate financial support of the Midlands Housing Trust Fund offers some unique South Carolina tax advantages? Read more about how you can reduce your tax bill AND earn interest on your investment in the work of the Midlands Housing Trust Fund here:

There is $1 million allocated in Community Development Tax Credits annually. The entire allocation was used in 2015. Demand will run high again for 2016, so the earlier investments are made, the greater assurance one has of accessing the credits. For additional information, please contact Midlands Housing Trust Fund Executive Director, Brian Huskey, (803) 764-3976.

 Midlands Housing Trust Fund – Making a Real Difference in Peoples' Lives!

affordable128Zelda suffered through a decade of homelessness, instability, illness, and family separation. Between staying with family and friends, sometimes shuffling in and out of homeless shelters and transitional housing, she had all but lost hope when she found her way to a home owned by Affordable Housing Resources, which provides income-based permanent housing to families just like Zelda’s. She and her 14-year-old son now live in a beautifully rehabbed house that costs no more than 30% of her income. The rehabilitation of the house, financed by the Midlands Housing Trust Fund, is one of 198 affordable housing units they have financed since 2011.

“Having a safe place to live that I could afford set the stage for everything else,” says Zelda. She no longer struggles to keep a roof over her head and be independent. In fact, just after she moved in to her new home she was offered a new job as a certified nursing assistant and is already seeking to advance her education. Her morale is up. She finally feels stable. And she’s already dreaming of becoming a homeowner someday.

The 42-year-old single mother said, “To me, it’s like I’m starting to dream again. I’m already seeing dreams come true!”

Read Zelda's entire story here.

credit: The State Newspaper, Sarah Ellis | Photography: Gerry Melendez

 Growth Spurt in Columbia Must Include Affordable Housing

NCola GM01

While Columbia should celebrate the incredible growth projected for the city core, officials must take steps to ensure that poor and moderate-income people aren’t priced out of the market in the process.

The city’s developing core is attracting more and more upscale living options as well as businesses and restaurants, along with high-wage earners to support them. There will be countless options for students as well, with student housing being built at an unprecedented rate. Practically everyone will have a place in the city’s renaissance. But not enough affordable housing is in the works to ensure that working families can remain in or even near downtown, where they can have access to jobs, key resources and the many coming amenities.

Unless something changes, downtown will be reserved for those who can make pricey mortgage or lease payments. Although the growth is welcome, the city must be intentional about making sure that access to downtown living is open to all, not just the well-off.

One of Columbia’s greatest assets is its diversity. That strength could be greatly diluted — or even lost — if city officials don’t take steps to make sure all people have access to housing, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Read the entire editorial here.

 credit: The State Newspaper | Photography: Gerry Melendez

 Huskey: Affordable Housing Makes Midlands More Attractive

Dollarphotoclub 40943440The Midlands Housing Trust Fund recently released an economic impact study detailing the need for and economic benefits of affordable housing creation. Although we realized that our work was making a difference in the community, we were astounded at our reach.

The study, conducted by Joey VonNessen at the Darla Moore School of Business, calculates our regional economic impact to be $4.8 million annually, including 33 jobs created or sustained and $1.4 million in labor income. We will generate nearly $1 million in state tax revenue in the next five years.

In Richland and Lexington counties alone, more than 95,000 households earn less than 80 percent of the area median income of just more than $49,000 for a family of four. In Columbia, 56 percent of renters experience “housing cost burden,” paying more than 30 percent of their income for housing costs. And the need for affordable rental housing is increasing as banks’ stricter lending practices exclude many working families from homeownership.

Read the entire editorial here.

 credit: The State Newspaper

Economic Impact Study Shows Midlands Housing Trust Fund Generates $4.8 million Economic Impact

The Midlands Housing Trust Fund announces the release of an economic impact study on the regional need for affordable housing as well as the economic benefits produced by the Midlands Housing Trust Fund in its work to finance more housing for low- and moderate-income citizens. The study, conducted by Darla Moore School of Business economist Dr. Joey VonNessen, demonstrates that the Midlands Housing Trust Fund generates an economic impact of $4.8 million in South Carolina’s seven-county Midlands region every year. The impact results from new construction and the rehabilitation of housing and community development projects in low- to moderate-income communities, which the MHTF helps fund.

See the News Release and the Full Study Here

 Two sources highlight the Midlands Housing Trust Fund economic study. Read the stories below:

The Columbia Regional Business Report highlights the Midlands Housing Trust Fund economic impact study
Millennium Magazine reports

The Midlands Housing Trust Fund has received renewal funding for Fiscal Year 2015-16 from the following supporters:

  • Richland County – $100,000 ($80,000 of which is allocated for loan capital)
  • Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation – $60,000 for operations
  • Wells Fargo Bank – $10,000 for capacity building

We are grateful for all our supporters!